Children like Maddison who are undergoing treatment for cancer know that sudden infections and other life-threatening complications are always a danger. Things can and do go wrong very suddenly, and when they do, it's vital the Flying Doctor is ready to help.

Every year more than 400 oncology patients depend on our aeromedical teams to transfer them to hospital in an emergency. Many are very sick, and to keep them safe it's vital that we carry the same painkillers, drugs and medical consumables that you'll find on an oncology ward.

These essential medical supplies help save lives, but it can be costly when you have so many aircraft to stock and so many patients to help. Which is why we're asking our friends and supporters across Queensland to please help us raise $503,160 before Christmas. Please donate what you can today, so that patients like Maddison who are undergoing cancer treatment have one less thing to worry about this festive season.

You can also leave Maddison a message to the right to let her know you are thinking about her during her first Christmas at home in two years. 

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Maddison was just four when doctors found a lump the size of a grapefruit in her pelvis. The Flying Doctor flew her from Bundaberg to Brisbane for an emergency biopsy that confirmed she had a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Maddison spent a whole year in Brisbane and in hospital before she was well enough to return home. It was tough being apart from her brother Andrew for so long, and even tougher when she had to return to hospital again just days later after developing a severe infection.

In total, the Flying Doctor has had to fly Maddison five times in two years. She's home now, and it makes her feel so safe to know that if anything goes wrong this Christmas, the Flying Doctor is ready to help, thanks to generous people like you.