Eight-year-old Hayley was crying and in pain. She screamed, “A snake’s bitten me”.

Her mum Catherine, who trained as a nurse, quickly bandaged Hayley’s leg. Then she drove Hayley to the local hospital. Catherine tried to keep calm, but she couldn’t help thinking, What if Hayley dies? What if this is part of our story now that we had a daughter who died at eight years old from a snake bite?"  

We were called because Hayley needed to be transferred to Mount Isa Hospital fast. Will you help our teams be ready for the next emergency—whatever it is?

Your gift could help to build a new Clinical Simulation Training Centre at our Cairns Base. Audio-visual displays will take our teams to an emergency situation. Using a high-tech manikin, they’ll be able to practise new techniques and critical skills. We also need to invest in new equipment and training for nurses across our bases.

By the time Hayley arrived in Mount Isa, her leg had started to swell. She was put on fluids to try to prevent lasting damage to her muscles and kidneys caused by the spread of venom. Thankfully, she was able to go home after a few days without permanent damage.

Please send a gift today and help make sure our teams are fully equipped and trained in the latest techniques to deal with any medical emergency.

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Two fang marks showed eight-year-old Hayley had been bitten by a snake. A snake bite is a medical emergency.

Hayley was very frightened. She thought she was going to die. But Flight Nurse Marney helped comfort her.

Hayley stayed in hospital for three days before being able to leave—not yet able to put any weight on her leg.