Aria's fight for her first breath

Acute breathing problems are among the most common cause of infant mortality. 

It's terrifying how quickly they can claim the lives of babies like Aria without prompt treatment. 

When Aria was born by caesarean section in Rockhampton back in 2013, she did not let out a comforting cry to tell her parents all was well. In fact, she didn't make so much as a whimper. 

To her mum Jessica's horror, Aria was deathly silent, and the doctor in attendance quickly realised the terrible reason why. Aria has inhaled amniotic fluid during her delivery which caused her to suffer from meconium aspiration syndrome and she was fighting to breathe. 

Acute breathing problems like Aria's are a leading cause of infant mortality. So please give what you can today. Every dollar you are able to contribute will help ensure you loved-one will have the best care available should they every find themselves in a situation like Aria's.  

Please donate today, and help the Flying Doctor continue to save lives. 

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The Flying Doctor needs your help to purchase seven next-generation ventilators to save babies like Aria!

"I remember the nurses coming in and saying, 'it's okay to cry, it's okay to be upset'. But I felt numb. I couldn't believe my baby was so ill - that Aria might even die."

Jessica, mother of Aria

Help us keep all loved ones safe and healthy together just like Jessica, Jay and Aria! 

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