The Flying Doctor is there for Queenslanders 24 hours a day, delivering care to those who need it most.

This Christmas, ABC Radio Brisbane and Queensland is asking you to help purchase vital life-saving equipment to the Flying Doctor through our annual Queensland Gives Christmas Appeal.

Donate today to help purchase life-saving equipment

The Flying Doctor needs two patient Ventilators & two Portable Ultrasound Machines.

The Ventilator provides life-saving oxygen to even the most precious of lungs. At a cost of $46,350 each, this vital piece of medical equipment is a staple in Flying Doctor aeromedical retrievals.

The Portable Ultrasound Machine is essential equipment for both our Primary Health Care and aeromedical teams, allowing for faster diagnosis in emergency situations and ongoing monitoring of health conditions. 

Your gift will help save lives like Michael's.

On 14 January 2013, in the blistering heat, 28-year-old Michael Tomlinson was mustering cattle from a helicopter on his family property near Augathella, some 700 kilometres west of Brisbane, when he experienced engine trouble.

Michael remembers the plummet to the ground clearly... Watch his video









Target: $148,700


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